Releases 2019-2021

DISASTER (Col) – Secrets From The Past
(10 Tracks, 34:10, Thrash Metal)

The much more aggressive 2. album by these longtime existing Thrash Metal maniacs from Colombia!

CD, Label number: ISR 104-21/C
Listen to the Track demonic-curse

TORMENTOR (Ger) – Crown Of Shame
(5 Tracks, 29:56, Thrash Metal)

The Thrashers are back with more various, but also more powerful sounding stuff!

Digipac-MCD, Label number: ISR 103-21/C
Listen to the Track crown-of-shame

EXXPERIOR (Ger) – Escalating Conflicts
(15 Tracks, 76:02, Progressive Thrash Metal)

Uh… how to describe? Furious and (often) fast technical Thrash with a outstanding concept!
You never heard stuff like this (also not from Texas)! Incl. 28-sided booklet with the full story!

CD, Label number: ISR 102-21/C

Listen to the Track a.a.a.

XENOS (Ita) – The Dawn Of Ares
(10 Tracks, 44:47, Thrash Metal)

Their second album with nine straight forward tracks of technical Thrash Metal!

CD, Label number: ISR 101-21/C

Listen to the Track The Healer

(5 Tracks, 26:49, Heavy/ Speed Metal)

Five different tracks of these canadian Metalheads! From Speed to Melodic, all awesome!

MCD, Label number: ISR100-21/C
MLP black, Inlet, Label number: ISR100-21/L
MLP gold (100 only), Inlet, Label number: ISR100-21/L

Listen to the Track cloven-hooves

RAVAGER (Ger) – The Third Attack
(10 Tracks, 41:34, Thrash Metal)

What is Thrash Metal? THIS is Thrash Metal! It’s fast and aggressive, with great hooklines!

CD, Label number: ISR 099-21/C

Listen to the Track king-of-kings

ANGEL MARTYR (Ita) – Nothing Louder Than Silence
(10 Tracks, 61:32, Heavy/ Speed Metal)

What a nalbum, 10 strong (and mostly uptempo) hymns with a concept!

CD, Label number: ISR 098-21/C

Listen to the Track nothing-louder-than-silence

POWERGAME (Ger) – The Lockdown Tapes
(5 Tracks, 24:41, Pure Heavy Metal)

Fives pieces of Heavy Metal, incl. a powerful version of Tank’s „Shellshock“ (guest: J. Leatherby)

MCD, Label number: ISR 097-21/C

Listen to the Track pandemic-nightmare

RAVEN (GB) – Party Killers
(11 Tracks, 36:45, Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal)

No words needed, one of the greatest NwoBHM ever! Here with awesome & unexpected Cover versions!

CD, Label number: ISR 096-21/C

Listen to the Track Fireball

WITCH’S KISS (Jap) – The Witching Hour
(16 Tracks, 65:45, Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal)

Reissue for the first time! The old pre-Satanica stuff from 1985/86 now restored from old tapes.

CD, Label number: ISR 095-20/C

Listen to the Track blood of amazon

MOSH-PIT JUSTICE (Bul) – The Fifth Of Doom
(8 Tracks, 42:23, Thrash Metal)

Fifth album by these Speed/ Thrashers from Bulgaria!
Again similar sounding to early Forbidden (US)!

CD, Label number: ISR 094-20/C

Listen to the Track Down we bleed

SATANICA (Jap) – Resurrection Of Devil’s Spirit
(9 Tracks, 39:44, Heavy Metal)

Classic Heavy Metal from japans Satanic occultists!

CD, Label number: ISR 93-20/C

Listen to the Track Deal with the devil

ANNEXATION (Ger) – Inherent Brutality
(11 Tracks, 38:10, Raw Thrash Metal)

Brutal first full album attack by these Berlin Thrashers! ‚Bloody‘ and raw Thrash Metal!

CD Label number: ISR 092-20/C – last copies

LP splatter, Poster, Inlet, Label number: ISR 092-20/L

Listen to the Track Holycaust

MADHOUSE (Ger) – Braindead
(11 Tracks, 45:37, Heavy/ Speed Metal)

They are back with more Speed! High energy german Heavy Metal!

CD, Label number: ISR 091-20/C

Listen to the Track Knights of avalon

REACTORY (Ger) – Collapse To Come
(9 Tracks, 33:34, Thrash Metal)

No compromise by these Thrashers from Berlin! This is in-your-face Thrash Metal!
CD Label number: ISR 090-20/C
LP black, Poster, Inlet, Label number: ISR 090-20/L LP splatter, Poster, Inlet,
Label number: ISR 090-20/L

Listen to the Track Graves of concrete

GRINDPAD (Neth) – Violence
(11 Tracks, 41:32, Thrash Metal)

Beware of the sharks! Razorsharpe oldschool Thrash Metal from NL!

Digipac-CD, Label number: ISR 089-20/C

Listen to the Track Burn the rapist

DRAGONLORE (US) – Lucifers Descent
(10 Tracks, 48:22, U.S. Heavy Metal)

Power? High Pitched Vox? Classic Heavy Metal stuff? All this you have here!

CD, Label number:ISR 088-20/C (U.S. Heavy Metal)
LP black, Gatefold Cover, Inlet, Label code (Lizenz): Met011

Listen to the Track At the mercy of the Kings

INVICTUS (Ger) – Eden
(11 Tracks, 41:23, Heavy Metal)

A great start with this awesome first album by these german hopefuls! Classic H/M!

CD, Label number: ISR 087-20/C

Listen to the Track Through The Storm

MIDNIGHT FORCE (Scot) – Gododdin
(8 Tracks, 41:30, Heavy Metal)

Unique stuff again. This is a band for real Metal maniacs.

CD, Label number: ISR 086-19/C
LP black, Poster, Inlet, Label number: ISR 086-19/L
LP green (100 only), Poster, Inlet, Label number: ISR 086-19/L

Listen to the Track Over the phantom sea

STARBORN (GB) – Savage Peace
(8 Tracks, 53:00, Heavy Metal)

One of the best (new) bands from England! Fantastic classic H/M!

CD, Label number: ISR 085-19/C

Listen to the Track unwelcome

WHITE MANTIS (Ger) – Sacrifice Your Future
(10 Tracks, 41:58, Thrash Metal)

What a surprise! Awesome first album with great Thrash incl. some Voivod elements!

CD, Label number: ISR 084-19/C

Listen to the Track Ordinary Loser

FATAL EMBRACE (Ger) – Operation Genocide
(11 Tracks, 44:30, Thrash Metal)

Again a fantastic oldschool Thrash album with remarkable stuff. Top 5 german Thrash Metal band!

CD, Label number: ISR 083-19/C (Thrash Metal)
LP black, Poster, Inlet, Label number: ISR 083-19/L
LP purpur (100 only), Poster, Inlet, Label number: ISR 083-19/L

Listen to the Track Let The Evil Flow

MIDNIGHT FORCE (Scot) – Restless Blade
(7 Tracks, 30:24, Heavy Metal)

Reissue of first EP plus 2 bonus tracks! Very own style Heavy Metal!

CD, Label number: ISR 082-19/C

Listen to the Track restless blade

METALL (Ger) – Metal Fire
(9 Tracks, 41:29, Heavy Metal)

Much more powerfull 2. album! Include a new version of ‚Easy Rider‘, their hit from 1988!

CD, Label number: ISR 081-19/C

Listen to the Track Easy Rider

BITCHHAMMER (Ger) – Offenders Of The Faith
(9 Tracks, 36:15, Black/ Thrash Metal)

Brutal, but catchy dark hymns by this 3 piece! (Un)holy god, great stuff!

CD, Label number: ISR 080-19/C
LP black, Inlet, Poster, Label code (Lizenz):

Listen to the Track Satanic Violence

STEEL NIGHT (Mex) – Fight Till The End
(9 Tracks, 44:17, Heavy Metal)

The mexican winners of Wacken Metal battle with their first album! Fantastic stuff!

CD, Label number: ISR 079-19/C

Listen to the Track Spell Witch

STEEL RAISER (Ita) – Acciaio
(12 Tracks, 42:54, Heavy Metal)

Also album No.4 with classic and pure Heavy Metal stuff!

CD, Label number: ISR 078-19/C

Listen to the Track Demon & Angel

BLACK MASS (US) – Warlust
(10 Tracks, 37:01, Blackened Thrash Metal)

Furious Thrash with a edge of Black Metal! Fast, energetic, catchy!

CD, Label number: ISR 077-19/C

Listen to the Track Virgin-sacrifice

POWERGAME (Ger) – Masquerade
(11 Tracks, 48:16, Heavy Metal)

Heavy Metal with some Speed elements, the second album!

CD, Label number: ISR 076-19/C

Listen to the Track Legion-of-the-dead

RAVAGER (Ger) – Thrashletics
(9 Tracks, 40:58, Thrash Metal)

More Power, more Speed, more Thrash! The second album, with the energy of a tornado!

CD, Label number: ISR 075-19/C

Listen to the Track Slaughter of innocent

FUSION BOMB (Lux) – Concrete Jungle
(10 Tracks, 36:48, Thrash Metal)

Furoius and fresh Thrash Metal with some crossover elements (old D.R.I.)! Fantastic!

CD Label number: ISR 074-19/C – last copies
LP black, Inlet, 2 extra studio tracks, Label number: ISR 074-19/L
LP blue (only 100), Inlet, 2 extra studio tracks, Label number: ISR 074-19/L – SOLD OUT

Listen to the Track Bomb Slam Tornado