Releases 2016-2018

THRASH BOMBZ (Ita) – Prisoner Of Disaster
(7 Tracks, 30:02, Thrash Metal)

Sicilia strikes back with a new angry Thrash Metal album!

CD, Label number: ISR 073-18/C

Listen to the Track Mafia Demonz

MIDNIGHT FORCE (Scotland) – Dunsinane
(8 Tracks, 43:03, Heavy Metal)

Unique and pure Heavy Metal. Not often you can see a band is starting with very own style!

CD, Label number: ISR 072-18/C

Listen to the Track Down with the King

AXE STEELER (Col) – On The Run
(8 Tracks, 36:02, Heavy Metal)

More classic Heavy Metal from colombia in the best way of the 80ies!

CD, Label number: ISR 071-18/C

Listen to the Track Back to the Stage

(16 Tracks, 59:03, Thrash Metal)

The old Finland legend is back! Great stuff incl. 2 songs in finish language! Bonus:
a Overkill cover!

Label number: ISR 070-18/C

Listen to the Track In the dead of the night

CULT OF THE FOX (Swe) – By The Styx
(11 Tracks, 41:54, Heavy Metal)

The cult is alive! Great True Heavy Metal from Sweden!

CD Label number: ISR 068-18/C

Listen to the Track A warrior reborn

DUNGEON WOLF (US) – Slavery Or Steel
(8 Tracks, 41:22, Heavy Metal)

Very unique and ownstanding U.S. Metal stuff. Like brocas helm and aother originals.

CD Label number: ISR 067-18/C

Listen to the Track Slavery or steel

KRULL (Bra) – The Black Coast
(9 Tracks, 42:33, Heavy Metal)

A True Metal statement by these warriors from Brazil!

CD Label number: ISR 066-18/C
LP black, Poster, Inlet, Label number: ISR 066-18/L

Listen to the Track The Witch

EMPIRESFALL (Ger) – A Piece To The Blind
(8 Tracks, 28:52, Thrash Metal)

No compromise, fast forward Thrash Metal in the classic way!

CD Label number: ISR 065-18/C

Listen to the Track Crimson Eyes

(6 Tracks, 25:57, Heavy Metal)

Every band with 2 (new) own tracks and a great cover of a Rhandy song!

MCD Label number: ISR 064-18/C

Listen to the Track Its got to be love

MADHOUSE (Ger) – Metal Or Die
(10 Tracks, 36:36, Heavy Metal)

This is german Heavy Metal! With power and great hooklines!

CD Label number: ISR 063-18/C

Listen to the Track Back in black

REVENGE (Col) – Spitting Fire
(10 Tracks, 32:38, Heavy/ Speed Metal)

Colombian finest are back with vengeance! One more time great and powerful Heavy/ Speed! Vinyl with 3 studio bonus tracks from the ‚Die Hard‘ EP!

CD Label number: ISR 062-18/C
LP black, Poster, Inlet, Label number: ISR 062-18/L
LP red splatter , Poster, Inlet , Label number: ISR 062-18/L

Listen to the Track RISE TO THE BRAVES

MISKATONIC UNION (Chile) – Astral Quest
(10 Tracks, 49:18, Heavy Metal)

Great classical Heavy Metal stuff by these band from the south!

CD Label number: ISR 061-18/C

Listen to the Track captain-sparrow

SEASONS OF THE WOLF (US) – Last Act Of Defiance
(11 Tracks, 45:54, Heavy Metal)

Fifth great album of this absolutely ownstanding U.S. Metal band!

CD Label number: ISR 060-18/C

Listen to the Track solar flare

SEAX (US) – Speed Metal Mania / To The Grave
(10 T., 41:27/ 9 T., 29:57, Pure Speed Metal)

Reissue of these hard-to-get album! 2 purse CD’s of Speeeeed!

2-CD Label number: ISR 059-17/C – SOLD OUT

Listen to the Track Forged by metal

SORROWS PATH (Gre) – Touching Infinity
(10 Tracks, 37:21, Power/ Doom Metal)

10 new Hymns between powerful Heavy and Doom Metal!

CD Label number: Label number: ISR 058-17/C

Listen to the Track Forgiveness

VOLTAX (Mex) – No Retreat…You Surrender
(10 Tracks, 39:40, Heavy Metal)

Fantastic classic Heavy Metal from mexico#s finest! Enjoy!

CD Label number: ISR 057-17/C

Listen to the Track Starless-night

METALL (Ger) – Metal Heads
(8 Tracks, 40:27, Heavy Metal)

Reunion of this old band from East Germany! Pure Heavy Metal.

CD Label number: ISR 056-17/C

Listen to the Track Crimson King

INDIAN NIGHTMARE (Ger) – Taking Back The Land
(10 Tracks, 35:25, Punk/ Thrash Metal)

First full album by these international band from Berlin! Full of raw power!

CD Label number: ISR 055-17/C

Listen to the Track Fire-meets-steel

ZOMBIE LAKE (US/ Intern.) – The Dawn Of Horror
(9 Tracks, 44:22, Raw Thrash Metal)

Second album by this internat. Collaboration. Like a Zombiefied Protector version!

CD Label number: ISR 054-17/C

Listen to the Track The Ceremony

THRASH BOMBZ (Ita) – Master of the Dead

(10 Tracks, 53:07, Speed/ Thrash Metal)

What a album! This will be satisfied every Metal maniac who is in the 80ies style way!

CD Label number: ISR 053-17/C

Listen to the Track Evil Witches

ANGEL MARTYR (Ita) – Black Book: Chapter One
(9 Tracks, 58:03, Heavy/ Speed Metal)

Classical Heavy/ Speed metal stuff with great concept!

CD Label number: ISR 052-17/C

Listen to the Track They among us

RAVAGER (Ger) – Eradicate… Annihilate… Exterminate…
(10 Tracks, 40:36, Thrash Metal)

First album of this great traditional True Thrash Metal band!

CD Label number: ISR 051-17/C

Listen to the Track Burn the Cross

TORMENTOR (Ger) – Morbid Realization
(10 Tracks, 42:27, Thrash Metal)

The second full album, again stron & classical ‚Germyn‘ Thrash Metal!

CD Label number: ISR 050-17/C
LP black, Inlet, Label number: ISR 050-17/L

Listen to the Track Burning Empire

ANCESTRAL (Ita) – Master Of Fate
(10 Tracks, 54:09, Heavy/ Speed Metal)

Like Helloween on adrenaline! With the power of Thrash and the catchyness of Power Metal!

CD Label number: ISR 049-17/C

Listen to the Track Back to Life

SATAN WORSHIP (Bra) – I’m The Devil
(10 Tracks, 35:04, Black/ Thrash Metal)

With a sound deep in the 80ies, catchy, satanic, classic!

CD Label number: ISR 048-17/C
LP black, Inlet, Label number: ISR 048-17/L

Listen to the Track ZODIAC

TYRON (Ger) – Rebels Shall Conquer
(8 Tracks, 43:11, Heavy/ Thrash Metal)

Very ownstanding sound from a original band! Check them out!

CD Label number: ISR 047-/16C

Listen to the Track Sick of it all

METAL WITCH (Ger) – Tales From The Underground
(10 Tracks, 42:00, Heavy Metal)

A absolute ‚Must Have‘ for traditional Heavy metal maniacs! 10 powerful Metal hymns!

CD Label number: ISR 046-/16C

Listen to the Track Standing in my way

(10 Tracks, 33:53, Heavy Metal)

10 angry Thrash Metal grenades. The revolution is now!

CD Label number: ISR 045-16/C

Listen to the Track Damaged

RAMPART (Bul) – Codex Metalum
(9 Tracks, 51:11, Heavy Metal)

4. album by these female fronted classic H/M band! Worship Metal!

Digipac-CD Label number: ISR 044-16/C

Listen to the Track THE METAL CODE

J.T. RIPPER (Ger) – Depraved Echoes And Terrifying Horrors
(9 Tracks, 37:03, Black/ Thrash Metal)

Outstanding album with 9 hymns in the early Possessed style!

CD Label number: ISR 043-16/C

Listen to the Track repulsive-desire

AXEVYPER (Italy) – Into the Serpent’s Den
(8 Tracks, 45:29, Heavy Metal)

The Thirst and strongest album by True Metal maniacs from Italy!

CD Label number: ISR 042-16/C

Listen to the Track Metal tyrant

THUNDER LORD (Chile) – Prophecies Of Doom
(10 Tracks, 48:16, Heavy Metal)

Heavy Metal from the South America in the Running Wild way! The third album!

CD Label number: ISR 041-16/C

Listen to the Track Prophecies of doom

GOATSODOMIZER (Swe) – The Curse Rings True
(12 Tracks, 37:13, Raw Thrash n‘ Roll)

Thrash Metal with a piece of ‚Motörhead‘ Rock ’n Roll! Dirty as Hell!

CD Label number: ISR 040-16/C

Listen to the Track Gore galore