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Iron Shield Records is a music label for old school/traditional Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal. No modern or trendy stuff.


Latest News

GRINDPAD attacks you again! A sharktastic release, sadly only a Mini-CD. Vinyl is planned for September 2023! But, the Vinyl will be a full LP, because the „Sharkbite EP is also on it on Side B!

TASKFORCE TOXICATOR from Germany are ready with the recordings of 1. full length album! After their 2 self-released great EP’s, the new album is a real kick-in-the-ass for Thrash Metal lunatics! Don’t miss their Live shows! CD and Vinyl is planned for September 2023!

Surprise, surprise! HIRAX, the Speedcore veterans from the United States are coming out with a special pre-release for their upcoming full length. This 9 track CD (ltd. To 500) is include a insane rehearsal recording. It’s raw, pure, recorded with 1 microphone and shows the energy and power of this legendary band! Now mastered by Bill Metoyer (Slayer, D.R.I., Sacred Reich, Cirith Ungol…)!
Out in July!

At july is coming out the very new ANTIOCH full lenght „Molten Rainbow“! A dream come true for every fan of canadian Heavy Metal! 9 earcatching and powerful HM tracks! Vinyl in two diff. Colors will follow later!

New EXPLORER CD arrived and is the last release in 2022! Speed Metal in the very cool oldschool way! Like album before from 2014. Check this out!

Contract with vienna’s GRIM JUSTICE is ready. After 2 self releases it’s time to getting more known. The band play (female fronted) Heavy metal with some dark elements. CD is coming end of february 2023, but bandcamp site is ready, so check the band!

SEAX CD arrived and will take you by storm! Purest Speed Metal like early Exciter or Agent Steell Vinyl is coming in October by Diabolic Might Records.

GRINDPAD is coming with a new EP, this EP will be released also as LP (Plus „Sharkbite“ EP as B-Side!)
You see – it’s time for some Thrash with Sharks!

BLACKSLASHANTIOCH and POWERGAME Vinyl ist endlich da! Nach langer Wartezeit endlich die grossen Scheiben in diversen Farben! Hurry up – limited!

SEASON OF THE WOLF (US) also workin‘ on last new tracks. Release date is coming, you can check their new videos „til album release: 

www.youtube.com/ watch?v=22XPV/Xdv424 (Reignite The Sun) and 

www.youtube.com/watch?v=un]71_ygUHO (Stella Magnetica)

Finland fight’s back: The NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE from Oulu is back with anger! New stuff is the most brutal stuff what the band has written – „The New Hell“ (sadly that’s the world today.. is coming end April!!!

VULTUS from Berlin are new on the Label. The first lifesign is ready – it’s called „Sol Invicto“ and will come out as MCD with more than 26 min of impressive Black Heavy Metal!

The third full POWERGAME album is ready! CD comes out in mid march, LP (+ Itd. Version) comes much later! Great and pure Heavy Metal! Check also the stunning artwork! How much ‚Gods‘ you see?