GRIM JUSTICE (Austria) – Justice In The Night
(9 Tracks, 46:35, Melodic Heavy Metal)

After 2 self-releases, now the 3. album. Melodic Metal in NwoBHM style with a strong female Voice!

CD, Label number: ISR 113-23/C
Listen to the Track Curse of the moon

SEAX (US) – Speed Inferno
(9 Tracks, 37:10, Pure Speed Metal)

This is purest Speed Metal, nothing else! Not only for maniacs of the 80ies Metal scene!

CD, Label number: ISR 112-22/C
Listen to the Track Speed Inferno

EXPLORER (Italy) – Still Alive… And Now?
(8 Tracks, 39:21, Speed Metal)

Late, but not too late! After 8 years break the 3. and best album by Italian Speed Metal masters!!

CD, Label number: ISR 111-22/C
Listen to the Track Devils revenge

(13 Tracks, 52:04, Thrash Metal)

One more great album by these Finland Thrashers, more catchy, but brutal now!

CD, Label number: ISR 110-22/C
Listen to the Track Werewolf

VULTUS (Ger) – Sol Invicto ISR 109-22/C
(7 Tracks, 26:04, Heavy/ Black Metal)

Dark Heavy Metal with ‚blackish‘ tendencies from ex-Sadistic members! Check it out!

MCD, Label number: ISR 109-22/C
Listen to the Track Incipit

POWERGAME (Ger) – Slaying Gods
(9 Tracks, 46:48, Pure Heavy Metal)

Purest Heavy Metal in all variations with unique vokills! ‚El Negro‘ is killing all gods, great artwork!

CD, Label number: ISR 108-22/C
LP black, Inlet, Label number: ISR 108-22/L
LP blue (100 only), Inlet, Label number: ISR 108-22/L

Listen to the Track Fire in the Sky

BLACKSLASH (Ger) – No Steel No Future
(10 Tracks, 49:42, Classic Heavy Metal)

Donaueschingen finest band with the 4. album! Again a absolutely highlight & outstanding release!

CD, Label number: ISR 107-22/C
LP black, Poster, Inlet, Label number: ISR 107-22/L
LP marbled orange (100 only), Poster, Inlet, Label number: ISR 107-22/L
LP marbled blue (150 only), Poster, Inlet, Label number: ISR 107-22/L

Listen to the Track Gladiators of Rock

LESSON IN VIOLENCE (Ger) – The Thrashfall Of Mankind
(11 Tracks, 39:26, Thrash Metal)

First great album by L.I.V.! And yes, some points of ‚Exodus‘ Thrash Metal in!

CD, Label number: ISR 106-22/C

Listen to the Track Lesson in Violence

SPACE PARASITES (Ger) – The Spellbound Witch
(10 Tracks, 38:50, Heavy/ Thrash Metal)

The ‚Witch Metal‘ band from Berlin with very own-style female vox and power tracks between
NwoBHM and (oldschool) Thrash Metal!

CD, Label number: ISR 105-22/C
LP black, Inlet, Label number: ISR 105-22/L
LP red marbled (100 only), Inlet, Label number: ISR 105-22/L

Listen to the Track Crimson Eyes