Voltax (Mex)
Titel - “No Retreat…You Surrender”


Mexicans Leading Heavy Metal Band!

CD = 8,- €



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Band Infos:

Gerardo "Jerry" Aguirre Mauleon - Vocals

Diego Magdaleno Machuca - Guitars

Ricardo Doval Caballero - Guitars

Hector Vera Rodriguez - Bass

Mario Melendez Sandoval - Drums





  1. El Fin (Intro)                            1:03

  2. Broken world                           4:10

  3. This void we ride                     5:10

  4. Deadly games                         5:15

  5. Go with me                              3:10

  6. Starless night                          5:22

  7. Night Lasts Forever                1:12

  8. Explota                                    3:30

  9. The hero                                 6:11

10. 25 or 6 to 4 (Bonus track)       5:00



Biography (engl.):

Voltax is one of Mexico’s heavy metal bands with better national and

international projection that this year celebrated its 10th anniversary. It started

its career in 2006, year when they released their first demo “Discharge”. A

little after that they signed with Blower Records, label that shortly after, in

2007, released their self titled debut album. With that record the name of the

band started to make some noise in Southamerica and Europe, they appeared

on the 2009 Earache Records compilation album “Heavy Metal Killers”

alongside bands from their same generation such as Enforcer, In Solitude and

Cauldron. Later that year the german High Roller Records label re-released

the debut album on vinyl.

In 2010 they released their sophomore “Fugitive State of Mind”, again under

Blower Records and with the artwork of Dimitar Nikolov(Ruthless,Fatal

Violence, Air Raid) who created a white tiger within the context of a futuristic

post-apocaliptic city that later became an icon of the Mexican Metal scene. It

is also the album that features “Acero Inmortal” (Immortal Steel), a band’s

classic that eventually became a hymn of sorts in the Mexican scene. In 2013

the Bolivian label Rawblackult Productions released a limited edition of the

album in cassette format.

In 2011 they won the W.O.A. Metal Battle Mexico contest and played the

international final at the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle¸in which they

reached a 3rd place.

“Hiding Into Flames”, their 3rd album arrived in 2013 under the label Sade

Records. It sold well in the underground territories such as Germany, Greece,

United States, Colombia, Norway and Japan and consolidated the band as a

vital force of the Mexican scene until now, 2016, the year where they have

already recorded “No Retreat…You Surrender”! The fourth long play which

is currently ready for the Release, also again with an spectacular artwork of

Dimitar Nikolov. Heavy Metal maniacs - here we are!




Biografie (dt.):

Voltax begannen ihre Karriere bereits 2006 mit der Veröffentlichung ihres Demos "Discharge". Kurz danach erschien bereits die erste selbstbetitelte CD. Man startete unmittelbar darauf die erste grössere Tournee durch Süd Amerika und  auch Europa. High Roller veröffentlichten das Debüt auch auf Vinyl. Im Jahr 2010 erschien der Nachfolger “Fugitive State of Mind”, wieder bei Blower Records und mit einem fantastischen Artwork von Dimitar Nikolov (u.a. Ruthless, Fatal Violence, Air Raid) 2011 gewann Voltax das W.O.A. Metal Battle Mexico und  durfte daraufhin in Wacken spielen!  “Hiding Into Flames”, das 3. Album folgte 2013 beim Label Sade Records. Es machte die Band zu einem Geheimtip speziell in Deutschland, Griechenland, USA, Kolumbien. Norwegen und Japan, überall dort, wo es eine florierende Heavy Metal Szene gibt! Nun ist das bereits vierte Album bereit zur Veröffentlichung, wieder mit einem spektakulären Artwork von Dimitar Nikolov. Heavy Metal maniacs - here we are!


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