TUNGSTEN AXE (Swe) Titel - Swedish Iron sounds like early 80ies, pure HM CD = 6,- € Sold out! Order Nummer - ISR 017-13/C
Band Infos: Band: Dick Mattsson / lead vocals, rythm guitar Andreas 'Andy' Mattsson / drums, backing vocals Robbin Wännström / bass guitar Johan Sjögren / lead guitar, backing vocals Tungsten Axe "Swedish Iron" CD 2013 1. Prelude (music: Dick) 2:47 2. Star of Mount Paekdu (lyrics: Andy/music: Dick) 4:48 3. Heavy Metal (lyrics: Andy/music: Andy) 2:57 4. Divided (lyrics: Andy/music: Andy, Johan) 6:31 5. Devil's Children (lyrics: Andy/music:Andy, Johan) 5:28 6. Swedish Iron (lyrics: Andy/music: Johan) 5:29 7. Elna k. Eriksson (lyrics: Andy/music:Andy, Johan, Dick) 5:15 8. The Steel is Sacred (lyrics: Andy/music:Andy, Robbin) 7:37 9. Times (lyrics: Andy/music: Andy) 6:46 Tungsten Axe was formed in Sweden in the year 2009 by Andy (dr) and his brother Dick (voc & guit). The vision behind the band was to create music in the true spirit of Heavy Metal. The band got the third member onboard, Johan on lead guitar, who had the right spirit and guitar licks. With a session bass player they recorded four tracks and released it as a self-titled cassette EP in January 2011 in an edition of 100 copies. An embroided patch with the logotype was included. The cassette is now almost sold out and an underground following is slowly growing. Robbin joined as a full member on bass guitar. One day eight tracks were added to the Tungsten Axe songbook and the visions of a full length started to take form. A friend who is heavily into analogue recording technique offered studio time and the 16th of November 2012 the recording of the debut album began. A 4-track promo CDr with outtakes from the recording session was sent out to appropriate labels and bookers. The album was supposed to be released as a vinyl album as first priority, but the strong support from Iron Shield Records with the offer to release it on CD was the fuel to get the band into work. Swedish Iron is the title for the coming album. It’s a rough, honest and unedited live recording with only vocals, guitar solos and sound effects added on. Be prepared for Real Heavy Metal! Tungsten Axe wurde 2009 von Andy (dr) und seinem Bruder Dick Mattson (voc & guit) in Schweden gegründet. Von Beginn an war man sich klar, das man nur echten und unverfälschten Heavy Metal spielen will. Das dritte Bandmitglied, Johan (guit) ward schnell gefunden. Mit einem Session Bassspieler nahm man im Januar 2011 4 Titel für eine Kassette auf, ein gestickter Aufnäher war auch enthalten. Das Tape war schnell vergriffen und man wurde in der schwedischen Szene bekannter. Nach einer Zeit des Songschreibens und -probens fand man in Robbin auch einen Bassspieler, welcher die Band nun perfekt zum Quartett ergänzte. Acht neue Titel wurden nun für da Debüt analog aufgenommen Mit Iron Shield fand sich ein Label, welches nun den melodischen und eigenständig originellen Heavy Metal veröffentlicht. Der Name der CD ist 'Swedish Iron', live im Studio aufgenommen und gemastert im Vintagemastering Studio in Potsdam. Be prepared for Real Heavy Metal!
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