Titel - “Speed Metal Mania” + "To The Grave"


Awesome and pure Speed Metal! First timem worldwide available!

Double - CD = 12,- €



Order Number ISR 059-17/C

Band Infos:

actual bandmembers :

Helvecio Carvalho - guitar

Matt Tomasz - bass

Mike Bonnetti - guitar

Carmine DeCicco - vocals

Derek Jay - drums





CD 1

1  Speed Metal Mania 5:32

2  Forged by Metal 5:23

3  Leather and Spikes 3:31

4  Fall to the Hammer 3:58

5  Wastelands 1:09

6  Doomsday Society 5:17

7  Nuclear Overdose 3:32

8  Evil Mistress 5:05

9  Possessed by the Axe 3:50

10  Speed Forever 4:10


CD 2

1  To the Grave 3:51

2  Oldskull 4:22

3  Forces of Hell 3:02

4  Speed Psycho 3:27

5  Crush Your Enemies 2:50

6  Lamentations of their Women 3:39

7  Ready to Strike 0:55

8  Maniac 3:45

9  Drink, Fuck and Die 4:00



Biography (engl.):

Seax was formed in Massachusetts in 2009 by their guitarist, Hel.

The five- piece was very fast complete and hhey started playing live shortly after and recorded their first album in August, 2011.

It was titled "High on Metal" and self-released by the band on July, 2012. Re-released by EBM records in 2012.

Their 2nd album "To The Grave" was recorded between 2013-2014 and released on December, 2014 as Vinyl only.

The now plays much faster and direct, pure Speed Metal in the best 80ies style. "Speed Metal Mania", their 3rd album, was created between 2015-2016 and released on September, 2016 by the band.

In 2018 the band is in europe on tour, also at the high recommend Headbangers Open air (end July)! Now, for first time worldwide available, the second and third album as double CD!



Seax wurde 2009 von Gitarrist Hel in Massachusetts gegründet.

Das Quintett war schnell komplett und man begann sogleich mit live Auftritten und nahm das erste Album "High On Metal" auf, welches im Juli 2012 erschien.

Das zweite Album erschien im Dezember 2014, nur als Vinyl und Download. Die Band spiele nun reinen Speed Metal im Stil der besten Bands aus den 80ern.

Speed Metal Mania, das dritte Album entstand in der Zeit von 2015 - 2016 und erschien im September 2016, als Eigenveröffentlichung der Band. 2018 wird Seax auch Europa betouren, unter anderem beim renommierten Headbangers Open Air Ende Juli. Zum ersten Mal ist nun das 2. und 3. Album der Band als Doppel CD weltweit erhältlich!



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