SATAN WORSHIP (Bra/ Intern.)


Dark Occult Metal!

CD = 12,- €

Vinyl black =  14,- €


Order Number ISR 048-17/C & ISR 048-17/L

Band Infos:


Leatherface : Vox, guitars and bass

Incitatus : Drums







Satan Worship is a black metal satanik band and born in 2011 by Leatherface Perkele (also band SODOMIZER) sick mind.

2015 the demo tape "Poison And Blood" was realesed by Khutulu rec, 2 tracks opened te gates of hell on this realese,
Under Sign of The Reaper and The Last Days Of John Paul Knowles.

Between 2014 and 2016 they recorded the stuff for "I`m The Devil", 8 tracks of pure Satanik  Metal!

They will announces soon some shows and one tour to spread I`m The Devil like a plague by the world.

S.W. have full line up with Leatherface Perkele ( Vocals and Bass ), Max The Nekromancer ( Guitars ) and Marc Reign ( drums ),

they are working hard to recording new stuff for the next album.



Satan Worship ist eine dem kranken Geist von Leatherface Perkele (auch Sodomizer) 2011 entsprungene satanische Black Metal Band. 2015 entstand ein 2-Track Demo Tape "Poison And Blood", mit den Titeln "Under Sign of The Reaper" und "The Last Days Of John Paul Knowles" welches über Khutulu Records veröffentlicht wurde.

Die Titel für den nun anstehenden Release "I'm the Devil" enstanden zwischen 2014 - 2016 und enthalten 8 Titel puren satanischen Metal. Für kommende Shows gibt es ein vollständiges Line-Up mit: Leatherface Perkele ( Vocals and Bass ), Max The Nekromancer ( Guitars ) und Marc Reign ( drums ), welche auch schon am schreiben von neuem Material sind!



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