Is a label for loyal old school & traditional Metal fans. Mostly for real Heavy/Speed & Thrash Metal, no modern or trendy stuff! Bands, please don’t send us your stuff! 

Ein umfassender Webshop ist geplant, es gibt aber Probleme bei der technischen Umsetzung. NEWS: SEAX CD arrived and will take you by storm! Purest Speed Metal like early Exciter or Agent Steel! Vinyl is coming in October by Diabolic Might Records. BLACKSLASH, ANTIOCH and POWERGAME Vinyl ist endlich da! Nach langer Wartezeit endlich die grossen Scheiben in diversen Farben! Hurry up – limited! SEASON OF THE WOLF (US) also workin' on last new tracks. Release date is coming, you can check their new videos 'til album release: (Reignite The Sun) and (Stella Magnetica) Finland fight's back: The NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE from Oulu is back with anger! New stuff is the most brutal stuff what the band has written - "The New Hell" (sadly that's the world today...) is coming end April!!! VULTUS from Berlin are new on the Label. The first lifesign is ready – it's called "Sol Invicto" and will come out as MCD with more than 26 min of impressive Black Heavy Metal! The third full POWERGAME album is ready! CD comes out in mid march, LP (+ ltd. Version) comes much later! Great and pure Heavy Metal! Check also the stunning artwork! How much 'Gods' you see? The long awaited BLACKSLASH album is coming! CD comes out in march, 
LP (+ ltd. Version) comes later! Be prepared for finest catchy Heavy Metal! 
An absolute highlight in 2022! SPACE PARASITES from Berlin bringin' their 2nd. Witching Heavy Metal out end january! 
LESSON IN VIOLENCE from Schweinfurt, Bavaria are young and hungry! These oldschool Thrashers are now members of the Iron Shield Family! First full CD will be out beginning 2021! DISASTER from Colombia are still alive and Thrashin` hard! The second CD album by these maniacs from South America is comin' end of november and it's again full of catchy Speed/ Thrash Metal with great guitarwork! TORMENTOR from Guben also workin' for new material! The band will bring more variations to their (of course...) Thrash Sounds! MCD in November \m/ The upcomin' album by Finlands Thrash Metal pioneers NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE will be out (again) via Iron Shield Records! What i hear now is more straight and direct "in-your-face"! Thrash Metal you never heard before? EXXPERIOR (Ger) made this possible! A wild ride over 15 tracks and 76 min! A lot for reading also, fat 28-sided booklet with an awesome story! This big mammoth project is created by multi-instrumentalist ExxTom Hell yeah! You like SPEED Metal? Then you will love SEAX! The new CD will be out late summer/ early autumn! A Speed Metal Killer!! The ANTIOCH Vinyl need much more time than expected! I will inform here, when it's on the way! CD/ LP Annexation (Berlin/ Germany) 
"Inherent Brutality" Brutal & aggressive Thrash in your face! Releasedate: 25. Sept 2020 CD Angel Martyr (Italy) "tba" Original Heavy/ Speed Metal! Releasedate: Oktober 2020 CD/ LP Revenge (Col) "tba" Welcome back True maniacs! Releasedate: Autumn (?) 2020 CD Mosh-Pit Justice (Bulg) "Fifth Of Doom" ISR 094 The 5. full album! Thrash Metal!Vinyl version will be out at DOC GATOR RECORDS! CD Satanica (Jap) "Resurrection Of Devils Spirit" ISR 093 CD Satanica (Jap) "Resurrection Of Devils Spirit" ISR 093 CD Madhouse (Ger) "Braindead" ISR 091 Powerful Teutonic Heavy/ Speed Metal by these Hamburg originals! Digipak-CD Grindpad (Neth) "Violence" ISR 089" This is real violent Thrash Metal! Check it! CD & LP Reactory (Ger) "Collapse To Come" ISR 090 Back with 3. album, more direct, aggressive Thrash in your face!
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