GRINDPAD (Netherland)
Titel – Violence Thrash Metal! Energetic and violent sounding! CD = 13,- € Order Nummer - ISR 089-20/C
Band Infos: Band: Olivier van der Kruijf - Vocals Jan-Gerard Dekker - Guitars Axel Bonacic - Guitars Paul Beltman - Drums Rik van Gageldonk - Bass GRINDPAD (Netherland) "Violence" ISR 089-20/C 01 My Name Is Violence 1:44 02 Burn the Rapist 3:08 03 Toxic Terror 4:35 04 The Knife Is Sharper Than Ever 5:05 05 Justice Part 1: Crime 0:53 06 Justice Part 2: Penalty 5:20 07 Revuelta 3:38 08 Blood, Sweat and Pride 4:11 09 Mature Love 4:35 10 MK Ultra 5:25 11 To Those About to Die (20/20) 2:58 Discography: Killing for a Living - EP 2008 Grave Matter - EP 2009 Poser Killer - EP 2013 Sharkbite! - EP 2017 Biografie: Im Herbst 1986 (ok, es war 2006...) Gitarrist JG fragte verschiedene lokale Musiker seinem Metal Projekt beizutreten. Hin und her, nichts ernsthaftes zu dieser Zeit. Nach einigen Monaten kam Alex zu Grindpad, es wurde das perfekte Projekt, um ihren Traum von brutalem Oldschool Metal zu verwirklichen. Gelangweilt von all diesen Death/ Core/Fashion/ was-auch-immer Bands will man die Aggressivität des Metals zurückbringen, wie bei einer 1985er Exodus Show! Mit verschiedenen Bandmembers releaste man 2 EP's und gewann das 2010 Dutch Metal Battle! Die musikalische Ausrichtung stand nun fest: aggressiver, old-school, non-melodic, erbarmungsloser THRASH! Im Jahr 2012 Olivier und Remy kamen zu Grindpad., mit welchen man 2016 die "Sharkbite" EP veröffentlichte und beste Reviews weltweit einheimste! Nun, viele EP's und Shows später steht das erste Full Length Album an: Einmal mehr pure Aggression, Gewalt und Zorn. Das ist, was Grindpad's Metal prägt, nicht mehr und nicht weniger! Wir sehen uns bei den Shows! Biography: Grindpad: Putting’ back the violence in Metal. In autumn of 1986 (ok, 2006…), guitarist JG was asked by some local musicians to join a metal project. An on & off thing, nothing serious by that time. The name Grindpad was mentioned every now and then. After a few months, Axel joined the (then still nameless) project. Although it was more of a Death/Grind-band back then, JG and Axel soon realized that this Grindpad project was the perfect vehicle for them to use, to release for their hunger to make old-school violent Metal. Bored to death by the whole new wave of the countless gutless, whiny, death/core/fashion/whatever-bands, they knew that there was a place for them to bring the aggression back in Metal, as if it were a 1985 Exodus show! From mid-2007 on, Grindpad became the official name, and the machine started rolling. Cool shows and two EP’s, leading Grindpad to win the Dutch Metal Battle in 2010. More shows followed among which were Occult Fest and shows supporting Bolt Thrower, Benediction & Tankard. Bandmembers came & went, but the two-guitar-assault-engine (JG & Axel) always stayed the same. Then, in 2011 the machine collapsed when three out of five members left... Instead of quitting, JG & Axel were more determined than ever to keep the monster alive. It didn’t need to be ‘brought back’; it was never dead… Having never been fully satisfied with the musical direction, they decided that now was the time to switch one hundred percent towards the music that they always wanted to bring: violent, aggressive, old-school, non-melodic, merciless, hacking THRASH! The philosophy being: one Slayer / Exodus / Pantera song destroys an entire deathcore-army in terms of sheer energy and aggression. In 2012 Olivier and Remy joined Grindpad. With Olivier’s aggressive vocals and Remy’s pounding low bulldozer sound, the whole band was in the right mindset, and started writing an entire new set of songs. To help out on drums Paul Beltman (River of Souls, Ex-Sinister, ex-Judgement Day) was willing to put in his aggressive no-nonsense drums and Grindpad was ready to attack again. 2016 saw the release of the Sharkbite! EP together with a great video for the title track. Grindpad delivered on the promise of fast, furious, violent and fun thrash metal. The EP saw critical acclaim and great reviews around the world.Not resting after that Grindpad proved they can take that party on the road. Playing a number of great shows across 2016 and 2017. But no rest for the wicked and a full-length album was being worked on. With the album slated for release in 2020 the future has never looked brighter. Grindpad aims for the things that are mostly neglected in Metal nowadays: Aggression, violence, anger. That is what Metal is all about (and always should be). Nothing less. And man does Grindpad get it…

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