Titel - Slavery Or Steel Outstanding and very ownstyle Heavy Metal from Florida CD = 10,- € Order Nummer - ISR 067-18/C
Band Infos: Bandmembers : Deryck Heignum - Vocals/Guitar Stan Martell - Bass Austin Lane - Drums Dungeon Wolf (US) "Slavery Or Steel" ISR 067-18/C 1. Hidden Dreams 4:18 2. Last Alive 4:31 3. Slavery or Steel 5:49 4. Borderlands 5:03 5. While the Gods Laugh 4:49 6. Dark Child 4:39 7. Worker Metal Might 6:46 8. Lord of Endless Night 5:27 All songs (words and music) by Deryck Heignum Bandbio & Review: From Cleveland, Ohio to Florida vocalist and guitarist Deryck Heignum brought a great passion for Heavy Metal music. He teamed up with master of the bass and studio engineer Stan Martell along with expert drummer Austin Lane and the three recorded 2015’s “A Dark Formation” under the moniker Stormlurker. The three Metal enthusiasts’ musicians got together again in 2017 under the name Dungeon Wolf in order to record a more melodic and much more traditional album entitled “Slavery Or Steel “. The band composed eight powerful pieces made by a creative sound, good songwriting and good excellent production. Dungeon Wolf' “Slavery Or Steel” is a mix of different metal styles: progressive, epic, technical, power, speed, and old school metal. In short, a multifaceted debut album. It's up to “Hidden Dreams” to open this work, astonishing abilities for Deryck’ guitar and the voice as well that reach high singing, perfect the harmony of musicians for a good taste to start enjoying this album.?“The Last Alive” a piece that flows in a classic metal way with epic moments in the sung as in musical lines. The title track “Slavery Or Steel” starts as a fury with its speed guitar, and this fury repeat itself alternated with melodic moments and distorted almost psychedelic sounds that make this piece particularly interesting. “Borderlands” is a pleasant track, so quiet in his gloomy sound, more closed to the 70s’ style. Amazing is “While The God's Laugh”, distorted guitars, deep vocals, closest to growl, alternating with airy chorus, a very intense piece that reach epic and power moments, surely the incisive track structured in more than excellent way of the album. Good heavy for “Dark Child”, epic passages, powerful guitar and great rhythms sustain the entirety piece embroidering a perfect amalgamation, another great piece. Speaking intro for “Worker Metal Might”, the song continues more spoken that sung and I notice a style closest to Chris Holmes’ style. Another notable particular piece. “Lord Of Endless Night” as it’d be able to end this album if not with a good dark piece. Good track, good music. Dungeon Wolf made a thrilling debut with new resonance, revisiting classic metal and its multiple sub genres in a very persona style, creating an excellent sound. I recommend this album to metal lovers in all its forms, metal heads will not be disappointed. Good work! 


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