Titel - Immortal Flame brilliant US Metal (7" Vinyl/ + Sticker) 7" Single= 5,- € Order Nummer - ISR 012-12/S
Band Infos: Ted Jedlicki Jaden Adair Joe Waller John Leibel Andrew Johnson. Tracks on the 7" vinyl Single: 1. Prologue (Adair/ Waller) 0:30 2. Lutetium (Jedlicki/ Waller/ Adair) 3:40 3.Valkyrie Sky (Waller/ Adair) 3:46 4.The Can Be Only One (Leibel) 4:22 Bandbio: You only live once. After surviving cancer at an early age, guitarist John Leibel decided to make the most of his life and chase his dreams. So in the spring of 2008, inspired by his love of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, he decided to form a traditional heavy metal band based out of Saint Paul, MN. After putting together an early lineup and writing a ew songs, Dawn of Valor was born. Around the same time bassist Ted Jedlicki began searching for a new band. Fate led him to meet Leibel just a few days later. The two hit it off and Jedlicki knew he had to join. From that point on, Leibel and Jedlicki became the foundation of the group. In the spring of 2009, DOV decided it was ready to take the stage. They quickly gained success in the local scene of Minneapolis/Saint Paul by wining a series of battle of the bands. By their 3rd show they were the Saint Paul opening act for the international touring package Paganfest II, which included such bands as Korpiklaani, Primordial, and Moonsorrow. While that year they continued to gain new fans with many gigs across their home state of Minnesota, one show stood out as a favorite for the band. In August of 2009, Dawn of Valor opened for former Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss, a man who was a major influence on Leibel’s playing. 2010 saw the release of Dawn of Valor’s self-titled, debut EP, met with positive reviews. The band branched out playing shows across the Midwest, as well as opening for CAGE and power metal greats Primal Fear. In 2011 Dawn of Valor was strengthened by new members joining the band. Joe Waller was a lifelong guitarist, but surprised everyone with his skills on the drums. Jaden Adair had been playing bass in metal bands his entire life, but was looking for a new challenge. DOV found a new voice when Adair became the lead singer of the band. Originally hailing from Manchester, England, guitarist Andrew Johnson brought a new perspective to the band. Johnson was not only a fan of power metal, but also black metal and death metal. The new band mates pushed Dawn of Valor’s live performances and songwriting to a higher level. With many new songs written, the band spent much of the 2011 summer recording their 2nd EP: Immortal Flame. The EP and new lineup were met with rave reviews. DOV was showcased performing with bands like White Wizzard and former Iron Maiden lead singer Blaze Bayley. A video for the group’s single “Valkyrie Sky” was released. At the end of the year the group signed a deal with German record label Iron Shield Records. 

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