Complete List of Releases by Iron Shield Recods:

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CD National Napalm Syndicate (Ger) "The New Hell"  ISR 110  (Thrash Metal)  April 22

MCD Vultus (Ger) "Sol Invicto"  ISR 109 (Heavy Black Metal)  April 22

CD/LP Powergame (Ger) "Slaying Gods"  ISR 18  (Thrash Metal)    March 22

CD/ LP Blackslash (Ger) "No Steel No Future"  ISR 107 (Heavy Metal) March 22

CD Lesson In Violence (Ger) "The Thrashfall Of Mankind"  ISR 106 (Thrash Metal)  Febr. 22

CD Space Parasites (Ger) "The Spellbound Witch"  ISR 105 (Witching Heavy Metal) Jan. 22

CD Disaster (Col) "Sectrets From The Past"  ISR 104  (Thrash Metal)   Nov. 21

MCD Tormentor (Ger) "Crown Of Shame"  ISR 103  (Thrash Metal)   Nov. 21

CD Exxperior (Ger) "Escalating Conflicts"  ISR 102 (Progress./ Thrash Metal)  Sept. 21

CD Xenos (Italy) "The Dawn Of Ares"  ISR 101  (Thrash Metal)  June 21

MCD/ MLP Antioch (Can) "V"  ISR 100 (Heavy Metal)  May 21

CD Ravager (Ger) "The Third Attack"  ISR 099  (Thrash Metal)   June 21

CD Angel Martyr (Ita) "Nothing Louder Than Silence"  ISR 098-21/C (Heavy/ Speed Metal) Febr.2021

MCD Powergame (Ger) "The Lockdown Tapes" ISR 097-21/C (Heavy Metal) January 2021

CD Raven (GB) "Party Killers" ISR 096-21/C (Heavy Metal) Re-release January 2021

CD Witch's Kiss (Jap) "The Witching Hour" ISR 095-20/C (Heavy Metal)  December 2020

CD Mosh-Pit Justice (Bul) "The Fifth Of Doom"  ISR 094-20/C (Thrash Metal)  August 2020

CD Satanica (Jap) "Resurrection Of Devil's Spirit" ISR 093-20/C (Heavy Metal)  July 2020

LP & CD  Annexation (Ger)"Inherent Brutality" ISR 092-20/C (Raw Thrash Metal)  September 2020

CD Madhouse (Ger) "Braindead" ISR 091-20/C (Pure Heavy Metal) June 2020

LP & CD Reactory (Ger) "Collapse To Come" ISR 090-20/C (Thrash Metal) March 2020

CD Grindpad (Netherl) "Violence" ISR 089-20/C   (Thrash Metal) March 2020

LP & CD Dragonlore (US) "Lucifers Descent"  ISR 088-20/C  (U.S. Heavy Metal) January 2020

CD Invictus (Ger) "Eden" ISR 087-20/C   (Heavy Metal) January 2020

LP & CD Midnight Force (Scot) "Gododdin" ISR 086 -19/C (Heavy Metal) October 2019

CD Starborn (GB) "Savage Peace"  ISR 085-19/C  (Heavy Metal) September 2019

CD White Mantis (Ger) "Sacrifice Your Future"  ISR 084-19/C  (Great Thrash Metal) September 2019

LP & CD Fatal Embrace (Ger) "Operation Genocide" ISR 083-19/C (Great Thrash Metal) Sept. 2019

CD Midnight Force (Scot) "Restless Blade" ISR 082-19/C (Heavy Metal) Re-release March 2019

CD Metall (Ger) "Metal Fire" ISR 081-19/C  (Heavy Metal) April 2019

CD Bitchhammer (Ger) "Offenders Of The Faith" ISR 080-19/C (Black/ Thrash Metal) April 2019

CD Steel Night (Mex) "Fight Till The End"  ISR 079-19/C  (Heavy Metal) April 2019

CD Steel Raiser (Ita) "Acciaio"  ISR 078-19/C   (Heavy Metal) February 2019

CD Black Mass (US) "Warlust"  ISR 077-19/C  (Black/ Thrash Metal) February 2019

CD Powergame (Ger) "Masquerade"  ISR 076-19/C   (Pure Heavy Metal) January 2019

CD Ravager (Ger) "Thrashletics" ISR 075-19/C  (Thrash Metal) February 2019

LP & CD Fusion Bomb (Lux) "Concrete Jungle"  ISR 074-19/C  (Thrash Metal) January 2019

CD Thrash Bombz (Ita) "Prisoner Of Disaster" ISR 073-18/C (Speed/ Thrash Metal) October 2018

CD Midnight Force (Scotland) "Dunsinane" ISR 072-18/C (Heavy Metal) August 2018

CD Axe Steeler (Col) "On The Run"  ISR 071-18/C (Heavy Metal)  September 2018

CD National Napalm Syndicate (Fin) "Time Is The Fire" ISR 070-18/C (Heavy/ Thrash Metal)

LP & CD Blackslash (Ger) "Lightning Strikes Again"  ISR 069-18/C (finest Heavy Metal)

CD Cult Of The Fox (Swe) "By The Styx"  ISR 068-18/C  (Heavy Metal)

CD Dungeon Wolf (US) "Slavery Or Steel" ISR 067-18/C (Epic US Metal)

LP & CD Krull (Bra) "The Black Coast" ISR 066-18/C (Epic/ Heavy Metal)

CD Empiresfall (Ger) "A Piece To The Blind" ISR 065-18/C (Thrash Metal)

MCD Blackslash/ Witchtower "A Tribute To Randy"  ISR 064-18/C  (Heavy Metal)

CD Madhouse (Ger) "Metal Or Die" ISR 063-18/C (Teutonic Heavy Metal)

LP & CD Revenge (Col) "Spitting Fire"  ISR 062-18/C (Heavy/ Speed Metal)

CD Miskatonic Union (Chile) "Astral Quest" ISR 061-18/C (Heavy Metal)

CD Seasons Of The Wolf (US) "Last Act Of Defiance"  ISR 060-18/C (Heavy Metal)

2-CD SEAX (US)"Speed Metal Mania" / "To The Grave" ISR 059-17/C (Speed Metal)

CD Sorrows Path (Greece) "Touching Infinity" ISR 058-17/C (Heavy/ Doom Metal) September 2017

CD Voltax (Mex) "No Retreat…You Surrender" ISR 057-17/C (Heavy Metal) April 2017

CD Metall (Ger) "Metal Heads" ISR 056-17/C (Heavy Metal) April 2017

CD Indian Nightmare (Ger) "Taking Back The Land" ISR 055-17/C (Thrash Metal) April 2017

CD Zombie Lake (US/Inter.) "The Dawn Of Horror" ISR 054-17/C (Rotten Thrash Metal) Mai 2017

CD Thrash Bombz (Ita) "Master of the Dead" ISR 053-17/C (Thrash Metal)

CD Angel Martyr (Ita) "Black Book: Chapter One" ISR 052-17/C (Great Epic/ Heavy Metal)

CD Ravager (Ger) "Eradicate... Annihilate... Exterminate..." ISR 051 (Thrash Metal)

LP & CD Tormentor (Ger) "Morbid Realization" ISR 050 (Great Thrash Metal)

CD Ancestral (Ita) "Master Of Fate" ISR 049 (Power Metal - faster old Helloween)

LP & CD Satan Worship (Bra) "I'm The Devil" ISR 048 (Mystic oldschool Black/ Thrash)

CD Tyron (Ger) "Rebels Shall Conquer" ISR 047 (Heavy/ Thrash Metal)

CD Metal Witch (Ger) "Tales From The Underground" ISR 046 (Teutonic Heavy Metal)

CD Violent Revolution (US) "State Of Unrest" ISR 045 (Thrash Metal)

Digi-CD Rampart (Bulg) "Codex Metalum" ISR 044 (Heavy Metal)

CD J.T. Ripper (Ger) "Depraved Echoes And Terrifying Horrors"  ISR 043 (Black Thrash Metal)

CD Axevyper (Italy) "Into the Serpent's Den" ISR 042 (Heavy Metal)

CD Thunder Lord (Chile) "Prophecies Of Doom" ISR 041(True Heavy Metal)

CD Goatsodomizer (Swe) "The Curse Rings True" ISR040 (f**in' dirty Thrash 'n Roll)

LP & CD Fatal Embrace (Ger) "Slaughter To Survive"  ISR 039 (Great Thrash Metal)

LP & CD Blackslash (Ger) "Sinister Lightning" ISR 038 (Heavy Metal)

CD Crimson Day (Fin) "Order Of The Shadows" ISR 037 (finest Heavy Metal)

CD Nuclear Detonation (Ita) "Living Dead, Sons Of The Lobotomy" ISR 036 (oldschool Thrash)

CD Nightshock (Ita) "Nightshock" ISR035 (early Venom/ Bulldozer/ Gehennah)

CD Steel Raiser (Ita) "Unstoppable" ISR034 (trad. uptempo Heavy Metal)

CD Xenofanes (Swe) "Pissing In The Holy Grail" ISR033 (Death/ Thrash Metal)

LP & CD Revenge (Col) "Harder Than Steel" ISR032 (Heavy/ Speed Metal)

CD Guerra Total (Col) "Cthulhu Zombies & Anti-Cosmic Black Goats" ISR031 (Black/ Speed Metal)

CD First Aid (Ger) "Nursed" ISR030 (Speed/ Thrash Metal)

MCD Thrash Bombz (Ita) "Dawn" ISR029 (Thrash Metal)

CD Explorer (Ita) "Shout In The Fog" ISR028 (Speed/ Thrash Metal)

CD Disaster (Col) "Blasphemy Attack" ISR027 (oldschool Thrash)

CD Sorrows Path (Gre) "Doom Philosophy" ISR 026 (Doom/ Epic Metal)

CD Thunder Lord (Chile) "Heavy Metal Rage" ISR 025 (True Heavy Metal)

CD Delirium Tremens (Ger) "Read My Fist" ISR 024 (Thrash 'n Roll)

LP & CD Reactory (Ger) "High On Radiation" ISR 023 (finest oldschool Thrash)

2-CD Seasons Of The Wolf (US) "Anthology 89-91" ISR 022 (early obscure US Metal)

Digi-CD Satanika (Italy) "Nightmare" ISR 021 (oldschool Thrash/Black)

CD Thrash Bombz (Ita) "Mission Of Blood" ISR 020 (oldschool Thrash)

LP & CD Zombie Lake (US/ Intern.) "Plague Of The Undead" ISR 019 (raw oldschool Thrash)

CD Backwater (Ger) "Take Extreme Forms" ISR 018-13/C (Pounding Metal- they are back!)

CD Tungsten Axe (Swe) "Swedish Iron" ISR 017-13/C (pure Heavy Metal)

7"vinyl  Fatal Embrace (Ger) "Hellhounds" ISR 016-12/S (oldschool Thrash)

CD Revenge (Col) "Rage And Revenge" ISR 015 (Heavy/ Speed) Re-release

LP & Digi-CD Satanika (Italy) "Infection" ISR 014 (oldschool Thrash)

CD Great Awakening (U.S.) "3 Of A Kind" ISR 013 (US Speed/ Thrash)

7"vinyl Dawn Of Valor (U.S.)"Immortal Flame" ISR 012 (US Heavy/Speed)

CD Tormentor (Ger) "Violent World" ISR 011 (oldschool Thrash, very Kreator like)

CD Satanika (Italy) "Metal Possession" ISR 010 (oldschool Thrash)

CD Guerra Total (Col) "Mas Alla de la Tumba" ISR 009 (Black/ Speed)

CD Heathen Hoof (Finl) "Rock Crusader" ISR 008 (Dark Finland Metal)

LP Satanika (Italy) "Satanikattack" ISR 007 (oldschool Thrash)

LP Satanica (Japan) "After Christ, The Devil Comes" ISR 006 (Black/Speed/ Heavy)

10" vinyl First Aid (Ger) / Explorer (Italy) "Boozing Maniacs" ISR 005 (Heavy/ Speed Metal)

CD Evil Whiplash (Col)"Rituals of Punishment"ISR 004-10/C (oldschool Thrash)

LP Fatal Embrace (Ger) "Empires Of Inhumanity"ISR 003-10/L (oldschool Thrash)

LP Nihilist (U.S.) "Blood Portraits" ISR 002-10/L (US Speed/ Thrash)

LP Taunted (U.S.) "Bleeding Black" ISR 001-10/L (US Speed/ Thrash)






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