Titel - Into The Serpent's Den Heavy Metal CD = 8,- € Order Number ISR 042-16/C

Band Infos:
Luca Cicero - Vocals

Guido Tiberi - Guitars

Damiano Michetti - Guitars

Andrea Tognetti - Bass

Niccolò Vanni - Drums


1 Brothers of the Black Sword - 06:54

2 Metal Tyrant - 04:00

3 Soldiers of the Underground - 04:55

4 The Adventurer - 07:36

5 Under The Pyramids - 04:08

6 Spirit Of The Wild - 04:58

7 Solar Warrior - 04:08

8 Beyond The Gates Of The Silver Key - 08:50




AXEVYPER was born in the spring of 2009 from the minds of Luca “Fils” Cicero (vocals) and Guido Tiberi (guitars), who after the split of their previous band Assedium were still hungry for heavy metal. A couple demo songs were recorded and put online and by September the band is completed recruiting Andrea Tognetti (bass), Damiano Michetti (guitars) and Filippo “Butch” Belli (drums). A handful of energetic live shows followed and quickly led to a deal with Italian label My Graveyard Productions, which issued the debut self-titled album Axevyper in September 2010. The sound that defines the band is 100% classic heavy metal with a focus on twin guitars, brilliant bass lines and powerful refrains. The following years saw Axevyper playing intensely all across Italy and also in Spain at the Heavy Metal Espectros festival; In 2011 a whole Italian-sung EP was recorded and named Angeli d’Acciaio, featuring an Italian-sung cover of Heavy Load’s anthem “Heavy Metal Angels” but after this the band felt the need to improve their quality and substituted drummer Filippo “Butch” Belli with Andrea Torrini, with which they release “Metal Crossfire” on February 2012. Many more shows follow including an appearence at Athens’ Up The Hammers, a return to Spain at the Skulls of Metal and the Italian Play It Loud! festival, then in 2014 the band retreats in the rehearsal room to compose their third full-length album, recruiting new drummer Niccolò Vanni (already seen in Death metal act Profanal) to further improve the quality of their musicianship. The result of this two year long hiatus has been called “Into the Serpent’s Den” and contains the best Axevyper songs to date. Roberto Toderico (already seen at work with Mythra, Quartz and Praying Mantis) was recruited for the artwork and the style has evolved but remained faithful to classic heavy metal, with an epic boost and influenced by Iron Maiden, Running Wild and Manilla Road. Axevyper has never been in such good shape and this is only the beginning! You didn't see it coming... TRUE METAL FORCE IS BACK TONIGHT!


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