Titel - Angel Matyr

Powerful Epic Heavy Metal!

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Band Infos:


Tiziano Sbaragli - voice and guitars

Dario Rosteni - bass

Francesco Taddei - drums

1. Obsequies

2. They Among Us

3. Victims

4. Eric The Conqueror

5. Midnight Traveller

6. Turn On The Fire

7. Pirate Songs

8. On The Divine Battlefield

9. Angel Martyr




The band was born from the ashes of the Wraith’ sing, a project activated in 2006 whose founding members were Tiziano Hammerhead Sbaragli (Etrusgrave) and Tiziano Atreiu Chater (Ormgarth-former Imperium). After a break lasting 4 years, the two came together in the rehearsal room to compose new songs, with a more direct and less dispersed style than before. The result was a “primordial” heavy metal with fast and simple riffs, rhythmic impact, earsplitting high-notes and a powerful double bass drums. At those times the song Angel Martyr was born, then it became the band’s name. This name identifies the hopes, often vain, and the frustrations of many metal music lovers continuing to give voice to their artistic

spirit transforming it into music, despite the trends and difficult social situation. According to the personal interpretation of Hammerhead, the

Angel Martyr is that part of each of us who is willing to die to defend an ideology, a belief and a faith (intended as a positive interpretation of a tough situation). The band was working hard to compose Angel Martyr and Eric the conqueror when the drummer Daniel Blacksmith Tordini (Ormgarth) decided to join the group. After some months, the members realized that their musical visions were different, often very divergent. So they decided to keep their beautiful friendship but to stop this adventure together. Hammerhead took a break for few months and looked for new members. After an initial research, Leonardo Fresh (Darking) and Alfredo Barbieri (ex Opus Mortifer) landed, but at the time of few rehearsals they both left the band: Alfredo for study and work related problems and Leonardo for family reasons. Hammerhead continued to compose and did not leave the hope to have a band parallel to Etrusgrave where, in addition to playing guitar, can write easier and more direct songs. On the Heavy Metal Night 2012 (concert with underground bands from Italy and from abroad) he proposed to an old friend, Destroyer Rostix, to start this adventure in the martyrs. The two immediately realized that, besides having very similar musical tastes, they had attitude and a very

similar vision on how to take together this musical journey. Together they wrote a new song, Victims, but the band is still without a drummer. Francesco Taddei, at those times behind the Etrusgrave’s drums, was in a difficult phase of his life because he wanted to shelve this project and to leave Italy to attempt an adventure abroad. Under the pressures of numerous friends, including Hammerhead, Francesco decided to stay in Italy and to keep playing. He appreciated the band’s style and so he caught the moment and proposed himself for the Angel Martyr project. The power trio composed an entire Ep, and along with the sound, a wonderful friendship raised and started to spend the weekend all together drinking and making noise. Unfortunately, the Francesco’s dark period of didn't end. Obsessed by personal changes, he left Etrusgrave and announced his intention to leave even Angel Martyr. However, because of the good feeling and the results in rehearsals, Hammerhead and Rostix refused to look for another drummer and want to try to create a distance project. Today Francesco lives in London, but he maintains his commitment to the band, although for correspondence. At the same time the other two members compose and try to improve individually day after day. The results are good and the band is fiercer than ever, firmly intending to bring its music everywhere!

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