Is a label for loyal old school & traditional Metal fans. Mostly for real Heavy/Speed & Thrash Metal, no modern or trendy stuff! Bands, please don’t send us 
your stuff! 

Sorry but our future release planing is full! LATEST NEWS 
Watch also out for REVIEWS: 
CD & LP BLACKSLASH (Ger) "Lightning Strikes Again", the waiting is over! New masterpiece is out, also the vinyl version! Check also: "Tribute To Randy" MCD-Split with Witchtower & Blackslash! 
CD & LP KRULL (Bra) 
"The Black Coast" True Metal Warriors from Brazil with an Epic HM attack! CD NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE (Fin) The Finland Thrash Metal veterans are back! CD DUNGEON WOLF (US) 
"Slavery Or Steel" A very ownstyle Epic Metal adventure, enjoy it! CD AXE STEELER (Col) 
"On The Run" Pure 80s sounding catchy Heavy Metal! CD MIDNIGHT FORCE (Scot) "Dunsinane" Masters in their own genre! Killer HM from Scotland. CD THRASH BOMBZ 
"Prisoner Of Disaster" The 3. attack by sicilian Speed 'n Thrash Masters! 
STILL HOT REVENGE "Spitting Fire" CD & LP Fast Heavy Metal by colombian finest! MADHOUSE (Ger) "Metal Or Die" Pure uptempo teutonic Heavy Metal! CULT OF THE FOX (Swe) The third awesome album! SEAX (US) "Speed Metal Mania" / "To The Grave" 2-CD
Pure US Speed Metal Attack attack EMPIRESFALL (Ger) "A Piece To The Blind" CD Fast Forward Thrash Metal! Bang Your Fead! SEASONS OF THE WOLF (US) 
After 11 years a new Heavy Metal masterpiece! MISKATONIC UNION US) "The Quest" 
Great pure Heavy Metal from the south!


CD POWERGAME (Ger) 18. Jan "Masquerade" (Pure Heavy Metal) CD FUSION BOMB (Lux) 25. Jan "Concrete Jungle" (Thrash Metal insanity!) CD STEEL RAISER (Ita) Feb 15. "Acciaio" 4. album (tradit. Heavy Metal) CD RAVAGER (Ger) Feb 15. "Thrashletics" (Thrash Metal masterpiece!) CD BLACK MASS (US) Feb 15. "Warlust" (Black/ Thrash Metal) IN FUTURE: CD & LP FATAL EMBRACE (Ger) Berlin Thrash pioneers! CD BITCHHAMMER (Ger) ...needs more time than expected!




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